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Car freshener  long lasting with 100% natural spirits and Orange Flower aroma.


Tranquilizer. It enhances the feeling of relaxation and helps control emotional disorders. For dizziness, nervousness, anxiety, insomnia.


T oil of orange blossoms emit fragrance rich, floral (floral) with fruity notes. In aromatherapy by a nthos orange known q for its relaxing properties, is thought to reduce j tension and stress promoting a sense of calm and balance. It is considered that in the ymvallei TACKLE p equal nefrolo c-economic conditions such as dizziness, anxiety, nervous Mr. usefulness and insomnia.


Transform your environment in whatever space you are in with the aromas of space that ESENCIAL AROMA brings to you and the power of nature! Give your space a new atmosphere and take advantage of the beneficial properties of essential oils. Whether you are trying to create a relaxing environment, or you want to give harmony and warmth, or just a note of cleanliness and freshness, through the wide variety of perfumes we have, you are sure to find the perfume that suits your personality and space.


We hope you enjoy your new fragrance!

Κρεμαστό αυτοκινήτου Ανθός Πορτοκαλιάς

  • Now you can transform your daily journeys by car, no matter how long they are. An elegant and practical hanging bottle, with beautiful colors and a wonderful aroma of 100% natural  essences and additives for a period exceeding 2 months, without additional alcohol.

    High content and long lasting, ideal for car perfume but also very small spaces (eg Wardrobes, dressing rooms, small office space, etc.).

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