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Cherry Blossoms


1. What do the products consist of?

The base of all our products are extracts from 100% natural essential oils of exceptional quality, suitable for aromatherapy and aromatization of long-lasting spaces. WITHOUT the addition of alcohol, WITHOUT dangerous substances, WITHOUT flammable additives.

2. How can they last so long?

In addition to the high quality fragrance they contain, our products do not contain alcohol or water. Thus, while the lack of water guarantees the maximum intensity of the aroma, the lack of alcohol does not allow the product to evaporate quickly. Therefore, in addition to excellent quality, our products ensure a long duration of aromatization.

3. They have such vibrant colors! How is this done?

In addition to the wonderful perfumes that nature generously gives us, in our products you will also find some of its most beautiful colors. We have all, at some point in our lives, found ourselves ecstatic in front of a spring, flowery landscape. The colors in our products are natural and we use them to bring the magic of nature to your personal space.

4. How does aromatherapy work? Will it help me with my health problem?

No. Aromatherapy does not work as a medicine, nor do we claim that it can cure it. Alternative medicine is about lifestyle and works in a preventive and not a therapeutic way. Aromatherapy is by no means intended to replace classical medicine. Instead, it can complement the healing process, helping the body maintain good health in body and mind. Aromatherapy complements traditional medicine and can go with it, famously.

5. How do the products work? Can such a small vase perfume an entire room?

The essential oil, of which our products are made, is the concentrated, aromatic substance that comes from the distillation of plants and trees. This means that they include a very intense aroma. The sponge keeps the oil on the surface so that with the help of the air it diffuses slowly in the space, as it should.
In the same way that a bouquet of flowers is able to perfume an entire room and as soon as you enter the space the perfume can be pleasantly perceived without tiring you, so our products can bring a strong and natural aroma to your space. Unlike flowers, of course, our products last much longer (up to a whole year) without requiring your daily care.

6. How can I control the intensity of the perfume in the perfume jar?

There are several ways to control the intensity of the aroma coming out of the aromatic jar. The best way is by choosing the place where you will place it. Our products are natural and as such work with the air, just like flowers. Place the jar in a place where you create an air current in your space so that the aroma intensifies in intensity and thus covers more square meters. Another way is to close the jar and leave it upside down for a while. The sponge will absorb more of the essential oil and the intensity of the aroma in the space will increase. Instead, to reduce the intensity of the perfume in the space, place the jar in a place with a small air flow and enjoy a more discreet intensity in the perfume of your choice.

7. What should I watch out for when using them? What precautions should I take when using them?

All our products are designed for scenting spaces and as such should be used. None of our products are drinkable and should be kept away from children and pets so that there are no accidents. Prolonged direct contact with the skin could cause irritation to sensitive skin, which is why we recommend that you wash your hands in case of direct contact with the contents of the products. Avoid contact with eyes and in case of accident rinse your eyes thoroughly and if irritation persists consult your doctor. Finally, the liquid they contain could create stains on sensitive surfaces and fabrics, so we recommend using them with a coaster. On each product you will find printed all the necessary precautions that accompany its use.

8. What are the certificates that accompany the products?

All our products represent naturalness, because they do not contain dangerous chemical ingredients. Our quality is underlined by the fact that all our products are manufactured according to the standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and the perfumes according to the guidelines of safe use of perfumes of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), and based on the regulations of the international scientific authority for the safe use of fragrances (RIFM).

Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) - This is an international organization that analyzes, evaluates and publishes scientific data, confirming the safe use of the ingredients contained in perfumes.

IFRA Standards - Experts from various fields evaluate the elements of a perfume that determine the limits of its permissible use, ensuring that there is no danger to the consumer.

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard for quality management of a product.

International Standard ISO14001 sets out the requirements for the development and implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS).

9. Is it possible to change? What can I do if I do not like the perfume I got?

One of the many advantages of our products is the long duration of the perfume in the space. But what if the perfume you chose does not satisfy you? The sensation that each perfume gives us is a personal and subjective matter and we know it. Our customer satisfaction is our first priority at ESENCIAL AROMA. Contact our customer service department, so that our specialized staff can find the best solution to the problem you are facing.

10. There are times in the day when I do not smell the perfume. Is this normal?

The essential oils that are the basis of all our products, are 100% natural scents. As a natural fragrance, it would be impossible and unnatural to perceive it constantly. What happens is that over time you adapt to the scent that exists in your space, no matter how intense it is. If you leave the room for a while and then return to it, you will notice the scent again in all its intensity.

11. Can I place the products indoors?

Among our categories you will find the ideal product to perfume any space! Nevertheless, we would like to inform you that our aromatic jars do not like excessive moisture. If you place them in the bathroom, it is important to close their lid when creating water vapor, so that they continue to perfume your space properly. Especially for the bathroom where the humidity levels can rise a lot, we would suggest you try the aromatic with sticks for better results and a unique aroma experience.

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