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ESENCIAL AROMA is the online retail store of ESENCIAL HELLAS and was created to bring to your space -easy and fast- aromas of exceptional quality and long duration, with extracts of 100% natural essential oils.

ESENCIAL HELLAS has been successfully active since 2005 in the field of herbal aromatic preparations, both in retail and wholesale. Based on the excellent quality and long life of its products, it relied solely on word of mouth advertising, the best way to advertise a quality product . Despite the flourishing of e-commerce in recent years, both in our country and in the rest of Europe, ESENCIAL HELLAS has consciously chosen to be active through exhibitions throughout Greece and abroad, because this is the most direct way for people to SMELL our excellent perfumes. For a number of years we have managed to keep our customers satisfied, as most of our products are almost annual. Unfortunately, in the days that we go through, this direct way of getting to know our products has necessarily been limited due to the pandemic.

We chose the name ESENCIAL AROMA for our new online store, connecting the chronic experience of our brand with the word perfume, so that you can easily find us. Through our online store you will find all the information about quality and  advantages of our products. Until we return to normalcy, all of you who know our products, can now pick them up at your door, easily and quickly, at the touch of a button. For all of you who have not met us yet, we urge you to ask your friends - surely someone knows us! -, to try our excellent perfumes and to offer a pleasant note to the environment where you spend most of your life.

Transform your environment in whatever space you are in with the aromas of space that ESENCIAL AROMA brings to you and the power of nature! Give your space a new atmosphere and take advantage of the beneficial properties of essential oils. Whether you are trying to create a relaxing environment, or you want to give harmony and warmth, or just a note of cleanliness and freshness, through the wide variety of perfumes we have, you are sure to find the perfume that suits your personality and space.

Try one of our products and let nature enter your home!

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