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One of the biggest advantages of ESENCIAL AROMA is the excellent quality 100% natural essential oils, which are the basis of all our products! Now you can also get them in 10ml bottles. as space oils with a high content of 100% natural essential oils and use them in many different ways, boosting your mood and taking care of your psychology.

They are ideal for those who want to change the scent of their space depending on the circumstances, creating the right atmosphere every time! Whether you burn them in your perfumer, or renew the aroma in your potpourri with them, ESENCIAL AROMA space oils offer an immediate and amazing result that will transform your mood and space. Choose now the perfume that suits your personality from 30 different perfumes:


Experience and quality

Our products are used for the aromatization of spaces, both in Greece and in the rest of Europe, for more than three decades.

Our quality is underlined by the fact that all our products are manufactured according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, and the perfumes according to the safe use instructions of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA),  based on the regulations of the International Scientific Authority for the Safe Use of Fragrances (RIFM).

Natural and ecological

All products contain 100% natural essential oils, without dangerous chemical ingredients, which are also used for aromatherapy.

Our bottles and jars, all made of glass, after being cleaned can be reused or recycled. We protect nature to continue to enjoy the magic it offers us every day.

Long term

Our fragrances do not contain alcohol and thus last longer than similar products from other brands.


Thanks to the different colors, which are natural, our aromatics fit perfectly in any space.


The raw materials we use are exclusively of European origin and of exceptional quality, being a guarantee for the final consumer.

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